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JSW Barmer (Jalipa Kapurdi) power station is a partly commissioned coal-fired power station in Rajasthan, India. It is proposed by JSW Energy subsidiary Raj West Power.

A "Phase I" of 8x135 MW units was completed in 2013. An additional 2 x 540 MW has been proposed.


The photo below shows the project in Barmer district, near the village of Bhadresh.

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Phase 1: 1080 MW

Units 1-8 have been commissioned as follows:

  • Unit 1 - 135 MW - October 2010[1]
  • Unit 2 - 135 MW - July 2010[1]
  • Unit 3 - 135 MW - November 2011[2]
  • Unit 4 - 135 MW - November 2011[2]
  • Unit 5 - 135 MW - commissioned February 2013[3]
  • Unit 6 - 135 MW - commissioned March 2013[3]
  • Unit 7 - 135 MW - commissioned March 2013[3]
  • Unit 8 - 135 MW - commissioned February 2013[3]

In a January 2012 presentation to investors, JSW Energy stated the entire first phase of the plant (8x135MW) will be completed in 2012. Actual completion was in early 2013. The company stated that it has entered into a "long term arrangement for entire capacity with state government distribution utilities."[4]


With phase 1 of the plant nearing completion, JSW is seeking approval for the construction of an additional two 135MW units on the same parcel of land. In a January 2012 presentation to investors, JSW Energy stated that it had applied to the Ministry of Coal for an additional coal linkage and that it was awaiting government approval for the project.[5]

In August 2014, the company said on its website that it possessed the necessary land for the project.[6]

In February 2015 Raj West Power received a terms of reference to expand the power station by one 660 MW unit.[7] In November 2015 Raj submitted an EIA for the project.[8]

In July 2019 JSW applied instead for a 2 x 540 MW expansion. The terms of reference for the new units were approved on December 2, 2019.[9]

Coal supply

On its website, JSW states that "Rajasthan State Minerals and Mining Ltd. and Raj WestPower Limited have collaborated to setup a joint venture company, Barmer Lignite Mining Company Limited (BLMCL). This is the first and largest public- private partnership in the State of Rajasthan. It shall be mining and supplying Lignite from Jalipa and Kapurdi mines to Raj West Power Ltd. The major part of the land required for the power project has already been purchased and the site activities have commenced. The water required for the project is piped 185 kilometers from Indira Gandhi National Project (IGNP) for which water supply agreement has also been signed."[10]


The water required for the project is piped 185 kilometers from Indira Gandhi National Project (IGNP).[10]

Citizen Opposition

Fearing the loss of their source of livelihood, farmers in the local area have blocked government officials from entering hamlets to collect data on villages and holdings. Resistance began during the development of the first phase of the project, with farmers forming an anti-acquisition group and filing a petition against Raj West Power in the Jodhpur bench of the Rajasthan High Court. The petition cited lack of measures to mitigate environmental and social impacts.[11]

Contact details

308 - 311, Gitanjali Towers,
Bomba Walo ka Baug,
Ajmer Road
Jaipur - 302006

Project Details

Sponsor: Raj West Power Limited (RWPL)
Parent: JSW Energy
Location: near Bhadresh village, Barmer district, Rajasthan
Coordinates: 25.89494, 71.3256454 (exact)

  • Units 1-8: Operating
  • Units 9-10: Pre-permit development

Nameplate capacity:

  • Units 1-8: 1080 MW (8 x 135 MW)
  • Units 9-10: 1080 MW (2 x 540 MW)

Type: Circulating fluidized bed (Units 1-8); Supercritical (Units 9-10)
Start year: 2010-2013 (Units 1-8)
Coal Type: Lignite
Coal Source: Lignite from nearby Jalipa and Kapurdi mines as well as coal from Indonesia[3]
Source of financing: Units 1-8: US$98 million in debt from ICICI Bank and Export-Import Bank of China; US$167 million in equity from JSW Group[12]
Permits and applications

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