Kirkuk-Baniyas Oil Pipeline

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Kirkuk-Baniyas Oil Pipeline is a retired oil pipeline in Iraq and Syria.[1]


The pipeline runs from the Kirkuk oil fields in Iraq to the Baniyas Port, Syria.

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Project Details

  • Operator:
  • Current capacity:
  • Proposed capacity: 2,750,000 barrels per day
  • Length: 800 kilometers
  • Status: Retired
  • Start Year:


The existing Kirkuk-Baniyas oil pipeline was built in 1952 and operated at a capacity of approximately 300,000 bpd.[2] The 800 kilometer pipeline was shut down in 1982 due to political issues between Iraq's and Syria's Ba'ath parties and only reopened briefly in 2000 to bypass UN sanctions.[3] However, after the invasion of 2003, the aging pipeline was severely damaged and has remained inoperable since.[4]


In 2007, Syria and Iraq agreed to rehabilitate the decrepit and war-damaged pipeline. In 2009, a delegation from various Russian companies came together to partner with both countries to either rehabilitate or replace the oil pipeline.[5] In 2010, a decision was made to replace the pipeline system rather than rehabilitate due to the high costs of the proposed rehabilitation project.[6] In 2011, Iraq was seeking to bring in foreign investors to finance the project.[7]

Since 2011, there has been no news of the pipeline project due to the Syrian civil war and Iraq's military campaign against the Islamic State.

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