2nd Bangabandhu Railway Bridge Gas Transmission Pipeline

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2nd Bangabandhu Railway Bridge Gas Transmission Pipeline (also referred to as 2nd Bangabandhu Bridge (Railway Section) Gas Transmission Pipeline Project) is a proposed natural gas pipeline in Bangladesh.[1]


The pipeline would run underneath the Bangabandhu Railway Bridge in Char Pathailkandi, Bangladesh.

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Project Details

  • Operator: Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTLC)
  • Parent Company: PetroBangla
  • Capacity:
  • Length: 7.46 mi / 12 km
  • Status: Proposed
  • Start Year: 2023


The gas pipeline is part of a larger bridge construction project, announced in July of 2019. Under the project, a dedicated double track railway bridge (approximately 4.8 km) will be constructed over the River Jamuna, parallel to and approximately 300m upstream of the existing Bangabandhu Bridge.[2] There will be a provision to include a gas transmission pipeline through the bridge.[1] In September 2019 it was reported that the bridge project had gone four years without a contractor and was scheduled to be completed in 2023.[3]

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