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Welcome to GEM Wiki, the shared resource on all things energy: fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, environmental impacts, and the global movement to transition to a clean energy system.

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GEM Wiki is a project of Global Energy Monitor and the Center for Media and Democracy. GEM Wiki originated as a set of "portals," or focused topic areas, on the SourceWatch wiki platform operated by Center for Media and Democracy. Eventually these portals became large enough to justify developing a separate wiki focusing on energy.

How GEM Wiki Works

GEM Wiki is based on MediaWiki, a software platform developed by the Wikipedia Foundation that allows anyone to edit existing articles and create new ones. A key feature of wiki software is that each successive version of an article is saved along with a time stamp and a brief description of the change. This feature makes it possible for mistakes to be corrected and for the rare instances of vandalism to be easily undone.

Documenting the Global Fossil Fuel System

Thousands of the pages on GEM Wiki are profiles of energy projects such as power plants, pipelines, terminals, solar farms, wind farms, and waste sites. Each wiki page is a footnoted online fact sheet that can develop over time, providing data such as size, ownership, location, developmental status, financing, protests, and alternatives. In addition, individual wiki pages provided data for trackers which provide maps and comprehensive data sets. These include: