Adamów coal mine

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The Adamów coal mine was a surface mine owned and operated by ZespoŁ Elektrowni Patnow-Adamow-Konin (ZE PAK Group) in Turek, Poland.[1]

The mine supplied coal to the (now-closed) Adamow power station.


The map below shows the exact location of the mine in Poland.

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Adamów Mine was owned by ZespoŁ Elektrowni Patnow-Adamow-Konin (ZE PAK Group).

KWB Adamów extracted lignite for the needs of the Adamów power plant. After the termination of operations by the Adamów power plant at the end of 2017, the operation of the mine was extended due to the remaining coal resources to be extracted, which were transported to the Pątnów power plant.[2]

According to the plans announced in September 2020 by the board of PAK, a large photovoltaic farm is to be built in the post-pit area.[2] The company has already signed a contract for the construction of a turnkey photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 70 MW along with the necessary technical infrastructure. According to the plans, the start of operation of the farm is scheduled for August 2021.[2]

Mine Details

  • Operator: PAK KWB Adamów SA
  • Owner: ZespoŁ Elektrowni Patnow-Adamow-Konin (ZE PAK Group)
  • Location: Przykona, Budzew, Turek, Poland
  • GPS Coordinates: 52.3055, 18.2314 (exact)
  • Mine Status: Closed[2]
  • Production: 0.6 million tonnes (2021)[3]; 0.715 million tonnes (2020)[1]
  • Total Reserves: 4.81 million tonnes[4]
  • Coal Type: Lignite (Thermal)[4]
  • Mine Type: Surface
  • Mine Size: 8.47 km2[4]
  • Start Year: 1979
  • Number of Employees: 508
  • Source of Financing:

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