Aphrodite Oil and Gas Field (Cyprus)

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Aphrodite Oil and Gas Field is a discovered oil and gas field in Cyprus.

Aphrodite is a part of the Aphrodite complex.

Project Details

Main Data

Table 1: Field-level project details for Aphrodite Oil and Gas Field

*Final Investment Decision
Unit name Status Operator Owner Discovery year FID* year Production start year
Aphrodite Discovered[1][2] Noble Energy[3] Noble Energy (35.0%); Shell plc (35.0%); NewMed Energy (30.0%)[1] 2011[3] 2025 (expected)[4] 2029 (expected)[3][4]

Production and Reserves

Table 2: Reserves of Aphrodite Oil and Gas Field

million m³ = million cubic meters million bbl = million barrels of oil
Fuel Description Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year Source
condensate contingent resources 7.4 million bbl 2020 [5]
gas 2P reserves 127424.61 million m³ 2014 [6]
gas Resources 99872.58 million m³ 2021 [7]
gas contingent resources 92750 million m³ 2020 [5]
gas recoverable resources 102506.02 million m³ 2023 [8][2]
gas estimated reserves 127424.61 million m³ 2023 [8]
liquids Resources 7 million bbl 2021 [7]

Table 3: Production from Aphrodite Oil and Gas Field

million m³/y = million cubic meters per year
Category Fuel Description Quantity Units Data Year Source
production design capacity gas 8268.44 million m³/y 2024 [9]


Table 4: field-level location details for Aphrodite Oil and Gas Field

Concession/Block Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Block 12[10] Offshore, Cyprus[11] 33.1847, 33.3417 (exact)[11]

The map below shows the exact location of the field(s) within the Aphrodite complex:

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The field was discovered in 2011 and production is expected in 2026. A final investment decision is expected after the completion of front-end engineering and design as well as the drilling of an additional appraisal well in 2022.[12]

According to NS Energy, "the Aphrodite field is located adjacent to Israel’s Yishai field in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. A minor portion of the Aphrodite reservoir stretches into the Yishai field. Despite negotiations for last few years, Israel and Cyprus have not reached a resolution on sharing the resources yet."[12] Turkey also contests Cyprus’s claim to offshore gas fields.[13] Turkey wants to redraw the map delineating the areas of sovereignty in the eastern Mediterranean, which it claims was drawn illegally and contrary to Turkish national interests.[14]

Articles and Resources

Additional data

To access additional data, including an interactive map of oil and gas extraction sites, a downloadable dataset, and summary data, please visit the Global Oil and Gas Extraction Tracker on the Global Energy Monitor website.


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