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Primorskaya TPP power station (Приморская ТЭС) is an operating 195-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Svetly, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Province, Russia.


The map below shows Svetly, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Province, Russia, where the plant will be built.

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Background on Plant

The project was proposed by Rosneftegaz and Inter RAO in 2016 as a 3 x 65 MW coal-fired plant.[1] In April 2019 Inter RAO was tendering construction contracts to build the plant.[2]

A company called Kaliningrad Generation LLC was formed to develop the project, owned by Rosneftegaz (99%), less than 1% is held by Inter Rao.[3][4][5]

Unit 1 was commissioned in May 2020.[6] Unit 2 and Unit 3 were commissioned in December 2020.[7][8] Each unit has an energy boiler and a steam turbine. The main equipment is by Russian suppliers: three steam turbines by Urals Turbine Factory, three generators by Elsib, three steam boilers by Podolsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod.[9]

Primorskaya TPP is a reserve source of energy.[9] In 2021 it generated 90 mln Kwh of electricity.[10]

Plant Details

  • Owner: Kaliningrad Generation LLC
  • Parent company: Rosneftegaz
  • Location: Svetly, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia
  • Coordinates: 54.6907707839046, 20.28305163806372 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross capacity: 195 MW: 3 x 65 MW
  • Type:
  • In service: 2020
  • Coal type: Subbituminous[11]
  • Coal source: from Kemerovo (directly by rail) or by rail to St Petersburg and then by sea to Kaliningrad[11]
  • Source of financing: Rosneftegaz[11]

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