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JSW BPSL Odisha steel plant (also known as Bhushan Power and Steel (BPSL) and JSW Odisha steel plant) is a 3500-thousand tonnes per annum (ttpa) steel plant in Odisha, in India. JSW BPSL Odisha steel plant operates a blast furnace (BF), basic oxygen furnace (BOF), direct reduced iron (DRI), electric arc furnace (EAF).


The map below shows the exact location of the steel plant in Thelkoloi, in India.

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The JSW Odisha steel plant began operating in 2005 under Bhushan Power and Steel Ltd. Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd. was acquired by JSW Steel in September 2019, at which point ownership of the plant transferred to JSW; Tata Steel also bid to buy Bhushan Power & Steel but did not beat JSW.[1][2]

In 2021, according to the OECD and Wood Mackenzie, Bhushan Power and Steel decided to expand capacity at its plant by 2800 ttpa for its basic oxygen furnace and by 900 ttpa for its electric arc furnace, which are expected to be operational by 2022.[3] This expansion was part of a large-scale effort from both Bhushan Power and Steel and the Odisha government to increase steel capacity in the region.[4]

Plant Details

  • Alternative plant names: Bhushan Power and Steel (BPSL); JSW Odisha steel plant
  • Location: Thelkoloi, Odisha, India
  • GPS Coordinates: 21.763989, 84.022529 (exact)
  • Plant status: operating[5]
  • Start year: 2005[6]
  • State-owned entity status: N/A
  • Parent company: JSW Steel Ltd [100%][7]
  • Parent company PermID: 4295872888 [100%]
  • Owner: Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd[7]
  • Owner company PermID: 4298175085
  • Crude steel production capacities (thousand tonnes per annum): 3500[3]
    • Basic oxygen furnace / Blast furnace (BOF/BF): 1200
    • Electric arc furnace (EAF): 2300[8]
  • Proposed crude steel capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):
    • Basic oxygen furnace / Blast furnace (BOF/BF): 2800[9]
    • Electric arc furnace (EAF): 900[9]
  • Crude iron production capacities (thousand tonnes per annum): 2190
    • Pig iron/hot metal: >0
    • Sponge iron/direct reduced iron: 2190[5]
    • Sinter: >0
    • Coke: >0
    • Pellets: >0
  • Crude steel production (thousand tonnes per annum, 2019):
    • Crude steel: 2778 (EAF, FY2019)[10]
  • Steel product category: crude; semi-finished; finished rolled[3]
  • Steel products: Pig Iron, DRI, Billets, HR Coils, CR Coils, GP/GC Sheets, Precision Tubes, Black Pipe/GI Pipe, Cable Tapes, Tor Steel, Carbon, and Special Alloy SteelWire Rods and Rounds[3]
  • Steel sector end users: automotive; building and infrastructure; energy; steel packaging; tools and machinery[3]
  • Workforce size: 929 (estimated as total JSW employees (13000) divided by the JSW manufacturing plants (14)) [11]
  • ISO14001 certification: yes[3]
  • ISO50001 certification: N/A[3]
  • Main production equipment: BF, BOF, DRI, EAF[5][8]
  • Detailed production equipment: coking plant (began in 2007); sinter plant (began in 2007); pelletizing plant (began in 2014); DRI plant (12 kilns (4 began in 2005, 6 began in 2010), 2 began in 2012)); 1 BF (began in 2007); 1 BOF (began in 2007); 1 EAF (began in 2011)[5][6]
  • Power source: Captive power plant (506 MW). Excess power generated is sold thorugh state power grid.[5]

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