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Medgaz Gas Pipeline , انبوب ميدغاز, is an operating natural gas pipeline running from Algeria to Spain.


The pipeline runs from Hassi R'Mel, Laghouat province, Algeria, onshore to Beni Saf, Aïn Témouchent province, and then under the Mediterranean Sea to Almería, Andalucía, Spain.

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Project details

  • Owner: Sonatrach [51.00%]; Naturgy Energy Group [49.00%]
  • Parent company: Sonatrach [51.00%]; Naturgy Energy Group [49.00%]
  • Capacity: 8 bcm/y[1]
    • Total capacity of 10.7 bcm/y as of 2022 (see capacity expansion below)
  • Length: 757 kilometers (547 km onshore and 210 km offshore)
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Date: 2011
  • Diameter: 24 in
  • Cost: €900 million
  • Financing:
  • Associated infrastructure:


Medgaz runs a total of 757 km from Hassi R'Mel gas hub in Algeria to Almería, Spain. The pipeline runs 547 km as a 48-inch pipeline from Hassi R'Mel to Beni Saf, on the Algerian coast, and then 210 km as a 24-inch subsea pipeline across the Mediterranean to Almería. The project began in 2001; construction began in March 2008, and the pipeline was inaugurated in March 2011. The offshore portion was built by Italian firm Saipem. The total cost was more than €1 billion, i.e. more than $1.4 billion.[2][3]

After BP and Total S.A. withdrew from the project in 2006, the shareholders of Medgaz consortium included, Sonatrach (Algeria), CEPSA (Spain), Iberdrola (Spain), Endesa (Spain), and Gaz de France (France).[4] As of June 2020, after several buyouts, the pipeline was owned by Sonatrach (51%) and Naturgy (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa) (49%).[5] Naturgy financed its increased stake in the pipeline via a €260 million (US$285 million) loan from Santander, ING, Banca IMI and Natixis agreed in November 2019.[6]

Expansion projects

Capacity expansion

  • Owner: Sonatrach [51.00%]; Naturgy Energy Group [49.00%]
  • Parent company: Sonatrach [51.00%]; Naturgy Energy Group [49.00%]
  • Capacity: 2.7 bcm/y[7]
  • Length: 0 new km
  • Diameter:
  • Status: Operating
  • Start year: 2022[7]
  • Cost: €67 million[8]
  • Financing:
  • Associated infrastructure:

In November 2019, the Medgaz consortium awarded Arkad a $50 million contract to build an expansion of the compression station at Beni Saf. The expansion will allow the pipeline to expand from 8 bcm/year to 10.5 bcm/year. The expansion was completed in February 2022.[9][10][11]

The expanded capacity has been reported at 10 bcm/y[9], 10.5 bcm/y[1][11] (and up to 16 bcm/y[1]), or 10.7 bcm/y.[7] A press release from Medgaz states "above" 10 bcm/y.[12]

The expansion project was ultimately estimated to cost €67 million (US$73.91 million).[8]

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