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Bugojno Power Station (also know as the Gracanica power station) is a proposed 600-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Though there is a possibility that plans could be reinvigorated, the project is presumed cancelled as of July 2022. There have been no known updates since 2014.


The map below shows Bugojno, the approximate location of the proposed project.

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A 2010 review of power station options by the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of Bosnia & Herzegovina noted that a feasibility study of the proposed power station and associated mine had been completed. The ministry stated that the estimated cost of the proposed mine and power station was €584 million. The ministry noted that it was proposed that construction on the plant begin in 2012 with a notional commissioning date of 2022.[1]

In June 2012 the government of the Bosnian Federation, which comprises both the republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Serb Republic, sought advice from the Middle Bosnia Canton on the possibility of a coal-fired power station near the town of Bugojno. The Bosnian Federation is seeking to develop a new coal mine at Kotezi. A statement issued following a Cabinet meeting of the Bosnian Federation stated that the development of the Kotezi coal mine would only be feasible if a 350 megawatt plant or two 300 megawatt plants were built in the municipalities of Bugojno or Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje.[2]

Only one unit of the plant is envisaged in Elektroprivreda BiH's strategic plan to 2030, published in May 2014. The unit's opening is envisaged for around the year 2030, and is dependent on the development of climate policies and the possibility of co-firing coal and biomass.[3]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Elektroprivreda BiH (EPBIH)
  • Parent company:
  • Developer:
  • Location: Bugojno, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Coordinates: 44.05,17.45 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Capacity: Unit 1: 300 MW; Unit 2: 300 MW
  • Type:
  • Start date: Unit 1: approx. 2030
  • Coal Type: Lignite
  • Coal Source: Kotezi coal mine
  • Source of financing:

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