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Cascade Power Station is a proposed 900-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant in the province of Alberta, Canada.[1] It is also known as the Cascade Power Project and the Cascade Power Combined Cycle Power Facility.[2]


The map below shows the approximate location of the proposed power station, southwest of Edson, Yellowhead County, the province of Alberta, Canada.

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Cascade Power began planning the Cascade Power Project in January 2018[2] and had an open house for the local public in August 2018[3]. Later that year, Cascade Power submitted regulatory approval documents.[4]

In August 2019, Cascade Power said approvals for the project were moving slower than anticipated due to concerns by people with First Nations and the Alberta Utilities Commission.[5] Alberta Utilities Commission approved the project in November 2019,[1] and Cascade Power said they were still expecting to break ground early in 2020.[6]

In February 2020, Power Technology reported that construction was "expected to begin in the second quarter of the year."[7]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Cascade Power Gp Ltd.[8]
  • Parent company: Cascade Power Gp Ltd.
  • Location: approximately 12 kilometres southwest of Edson, the province of Alberta, Canada
  • Coordinates: 53.524882, -116.596103 (approximate)
  • Gross capacity (proposed): 900 MW
    • Phase 1: Combined cycle[9], 450 MW[9] (to start 2022)[9]
    • Phase 2: Combined cycle[9], 450 MW[9] (to start 2023)[9]

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