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Le Moule Power Station is an operating power station of at least 102-megawatts (MW) in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Plant name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Le Moule Power Station Le Moule, Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe 16.304873, -61.326223 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the power station.

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Unit-level coordinates (WGS 84):

  • Unit 2, Unit 1: 16.304873, -61.326223
  • Unit 3: 16.3049, -61.3262

Project Details

Table 2: Unit-level details

Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology Start year Retired year
Unit 1 operating coal - unknown, bioenergy - agricultural waste (solids) 32 unknown 1998
Unit 2 operating coal - unknown, bioenergy - agricultural waste (solids) 32 unknown 1998
Unit 3 retired coal - unknown, bioenergy - agricultural waste (solids) 38 unknown 2011 2020
Unit 3 operating[1] bioenergy - agricultural waste (solids)[1] 38[2] 2011[2]

Table 3: Unit-level ownership and operator details

Unit name Owner Operator
Unit 1 Albioma [100.0%]
Unit 2 Albioma [100.0%]
Unit 3 Albioma [100.0%]
Unit 3 Albioma[1] Albioma[1]

Unit-level fuel conversion details:

Unit 3: Converted from coal - unknown, bioenergy - agricultural waste (solids) to bioenergy - agricultural waste (solids) in 2020.

Project-level captive use details

  • Captive industry use (heat or power): sugar
  • Captive industry: Power

Project-level coal details

  • Coal source(s): imported


The plant runs on a combination of coal imported from Colombia and Venezuela, and bagasse (sugar cane waste) from the adjacent Gardel sugar factory.[3] Units 1 and 2, each with a capacity of 32 MW, began operation in 1998 under the ownership of Albioma.[4][5] Unit 3, with a capacity of 38 MW, began operation in 2011.[4]

Fuels used

Units 1 and 2 are fueled by bagasse during the sugar cane harvest season, and run on coal the rest of the year.[3][5]

In November 2018 Albioma announced that Unit 3 would be converted to run entirely on bagasse.[6][7] Albioma's website[5] and 2021 annual results report, released in March 2022[8] subsequently confirmed that Unit 3 has been fueled 100% by biomass since November 2020.

Articles and Resources


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Additional data

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