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TenarisTamsa Veracruz steel plant (Centro Industrial TenarisTamsa (Spanish)), also known as Tubos de Acero de México, is a 1200 thousand tonnes per annum (TTPA) electric arc furnace (EAF) steel plant operating in Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico.


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico.

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  • Location: Carr. México, Veracruz, Km 433.7, Vía Xalapa, Veracruz, Veracruz CP 91697, Mexico[1]
  • Coordinates (WGS 84): 19.182499, -96.237284 (exact)


With 5000 employees and 1.23 million tons of production capacity, TenarisTamsa industrial center is the one of the world's leading producers of steel pipes for the energy industry. Located in Veracruz on Mexico's Gulf coast, the plant uses scrap and sponge iron to manufacture steel, which is then transformed into billets and seamless steel pipes by the plant's continuous casting facilities and rolling mill. Approximately 30% of the plant's output is used domestically by Mexico's oil and gas companies, while 70% is exported to clients in more than 50 countries worldwide.[2][3]

TenarisTamsa traces its origins back to Italian industrialist Agostino Rocca, who founded the Argentine-Italian conglomerate Techint in 1945. Tenaris played a leading role in the Argentine government's ambitious gas pipeline projects of the late 1940s and early 1950s, and soon began expanding its operations internationally, founding Tamsa (Tubos de Acero de México, S.A.) in 1954. In 2002, several of Techint's international pipeline operations, including Tamsa, were consolidated under the company's new Tenaris S.A. division, which was incorporated in Luxembourg and listed on the stock exchanges in New York, Buenos Aires, Milan and Mexico City.[4][5]

Plant Details

Table 1: General Plant Details

Plant status Start date Workforce size
operating[6] 1954[7] 365[8]

Table 2: Ownership and Parent Company Information

Parent company Parent company PermID Owner Owner company PermID
Tenaris SA [100%][9] 4295883040 [100%] Tubos de Acero de Mexico SA[6] 4295884494

Table 3: Process and Products

Steel product category Steel products Steel sector end users ISO 14001 Main production equipment Detailed production equipment
finished rolled[10] tubular products, sucker rods, offshore conduction pipes, automotive components[10][11] automotive; building and infrastructure; energy; steel packaging; tools and machinery; transport[10][11] 2022[12] electric arc furnace (EAF)[13][14][15] 1 EAF (began in 2012; 160-tonne)[13][14][16]

Table 4: Crude Steel Production Capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):

Electric arc furnace steelmaking capacity Nominal crude steel capacity (total)
1200 TTPA[17] 1200 TTPA

Table 5: Actual Crude Steel Production by Year (thousand tonnes per annum):

Year BOF Production EAF Production OHF Production Total (all routes)
2021 676 TTPA[18] 676 TTPA[18]

Articles and Resources


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