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Ghugus power station is a 120-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Maharashtra state, India. An additional 540 MW has been proposed.


The map below shows the power station in Usegaon village.

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Ghugus power station consists of two 60 MW units. Unit 1 went into operation in May 2012; Unit 2 went into operation in September 2012.[1]

Phase II: 540 MW

According to the company website, a phase II of 540 MW (2 x 270 MW) is under development by the company at the same location. In 2014 the company described the status of the project as follows:[1]

Phase II (2 x 270 MW) is having necessary infrastructure such as land, water, power evacuation facility, logistics etc. The clearances from Ministry of Power & Industries, Civil Aviation Dept. Water Irrigation Dept. & all other local bodies. The Company has all the financial and administrative sanctions for the success of the project. The project is being executed by the company on its own following individual package route under the able guidance of its technical team and the project consultants.

Phase II received a terms of reference in 2010,[2] but as of April 2015 has yet to secure environmental clearance, and appears to be abandoned.

Community affected by Gupta Coal Washery activites

In October 2022, villagers from Gondegaon and Warada villages protested in front of the gate at Gupta Coal Washery in Gondegaon. Due to water polluted with coal dust reaching farmlands, around 50 villagers had their crops destroyed during the monsoon season. Thanks to the community action, double compensation was offered for the damages. However, a villager stated that the offer was "nothing but a mockery" and that shutting down the washery, which opened in 2021, was the only solution. They reported that environmental regulation of the facility was unknown and that impacts on crops would only become more severe.[3]

Project Details

Sponsor: Gupta Coalfields & Washeries
Location: Usegaon village, near Ghugus in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra
Coordinates: 19.9294895, 79.1331589 (exact)

  • Phase I: Operating (2012)
  • Phase II: Cancelled


  • Phase I: 120 MW (2 x 60 MW)
  • Phase II: 540 MW (2 x 270 MW)

Type: Subcritical
Projected in service: Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:
Permits and applications:

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