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Jamalco power station is a 100-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant in Clarendon, Jamaica. It was originally proposed as a coal-fired plant.


The map below shows the location of the plant in Halse Hall, Clarendon, Jamaica.

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Jamalco alumina refinery in Jamaica is 55% owned by London-based Noble Group, which acquired it from US-based Alcoa World Alumina LLC in 2014. The remaining 45% is owned by the state through Clarendon Alumina Production Ltd.[1] In 2014, Noble said it planned to construct, by 2017, a coal- or gas-fired power plant for the refinery under a BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) arrangement.[2]

In 2015, Jamalco said it planned to spend US$500 million on a coal plant to be completed by 2018 fourth-quarter.[3]

In 2016, in a move welcomed by Jamaican environmentalists[4], Jamalco announced that natural gas would replace coal as the plant's fuel source.[5]

In 2020, project developer New Fortress Energy announced that the Jamalco gas-fired plant had begun commercial operations, supplying up to 100 MW of power to the national grid operated by Jamaica Public Service Company, while providing the alumina refinery with 280,000 pounds of steam per hour in a CHP configuration.[6]

In June 2021, New Fortress Energy announced the structuring of a sale-and-leaseback deal for the gas plant. Financial services company Sagicor Group Jamaica has been engaged to structure the US$285 million deal. Sagicor will invest US$100 million and also act as lead arranger on the remaining US$185 million portion which will come from other investors. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval.[7]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Jamalco
  • Parent company: New Fortress Energy[6]
  • Location: Halse Hall, Clarendon, Jamaica[6]
  • Coordinates: 17.897506, -77.241188 (exact)
  • Gross generating capacity (operating): 100 MW[6]
    • Unit 1, Gas-fired with CHP, 100 MW (start-up in 2020)[6]
  • Gross generating capacity (cancelled) 50 MW[4]
    • Proposed coal-fired unit, 50 MW[4] (cancelled 2016 in favor of gas-fired plant)[5]

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