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Datang Huxian power station 大唐户县热电厂 is a 600-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Shaanxi Province, China.


The map below shows the location of the plant, near Yuxia Town (Yuxiazhen), Hu County (Huxian), Xi'an Prefecture, Shaanxi Province.

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Background on Plant

Datang Huxian power station began operating in 1957 in Hu County, Shaanxi Province. After 3 expansions, the total capacity reached 200 MW with 5 units. In the end of 2002, China Datang became its parent company, and continued working on its 4th expansion, known as Datang Huxian-2 power station 大唐户县第二热电厂. The two new units with capacity of 300 MW each were brought online in 2003, and had registered a new operating company as Datang Xi'an Huyi Thermal Power Company. (大唐西安鄠邑热电公司). The 5 older units were gradually retired till 2008. [1]

Datang Huxian-2 power station is a two-unit coal-fired power plant with a total capacity of 600 MW in Shaanxi Province. The first two units, totaling 600 MW, were completed in 2003. According to Platts, two more units totaling 600 MW, were completed in 2010. However, those units are not shown in photographs nor in web descriptions.[2][3]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Datang Shaanxi Power Gen Co
  • Parent company: China Datang
  • Location: Yuxia Town (Yuxiazhen), Hu County (Huxian), Xi'an Prefecture, Shaanxi Province, China
  • Coordinates: 34.07419, 108.61852 (exact)
  • Status: retired (unit 1-5); Operating (unit new 1 & 2)
  • Gross capacity: 600 MW (2 x 300 MW)
  • Type:
  • In service: 2003
  • Coal type:
  • Coal source:
  • Source of financing:

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