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Mintia-Deva Power Station was a 1,075-megawatt (MW) power station in Romania.

In 2012, Mintia-Deva was merged with the the Paroseni power station to become the Hunedoara Energy Complex.


The undated satellite photo below shows the power station in Deva.

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Construction works on the power station started in 1966. The plant had five identical groups of 210 MW each and one of 235 MW, totaling a capacity of 1,285 MW. The units were commissioned from 1969 to 1978. Unit 1 (210 MW) was withdrawn from operation in 2012.[1][2]

The power station was controlled by Termoelectrica's Electrocentrale Deva, a state-owned company. In June 2012, Mintia-Deva was put under the newly formed power company, Complexul Energetic Hunedoara, which also included the Paroseni Power Station and the functional mining sites that were part of the National Hard Coal Company (CNH).[3]

Coal-to-Gas Conversion

A January 2022 article noted the following (Google Translate): On December 21, 2021, the creditors' meeting approved the withdrawal from operation and closure of the Mintia units, with a decisive vote from the Environment Fund Administration which held over 48% of the complex (almost 3 billion lei). ANAF and Hidroelectrica abstained from voting. Through December 31, 2021, the 1,050 MW plant appeared on the "Transelectrica" website with the mention "Conservation entry according to the Address of the Ministry of Energy no. 12155 / 28.04.2021." In January, the units were no longer listed on the website. At a December 2021 ANRE Regulatory Committee meeting, a decision was also taken to amend the plant's production license.[4]

A new gas-fired power plant is currently in the pre-construction phase at the power station, as part of Romania's push to decarbonize their energy industry.[5] In the "2021-2030 Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan" the Energy Ministry plans investment in gas power in Mintia, and one news report links this to the Romgaz Mintia project.[6][7]

In August, this plant was sold to Mass Group Holding, with "strings attached" to develop a natural gas and renewable power station to be commissioned by 2026.[8]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Romgaz[9]
  • Parent company: Sngn Romgaz S.A.[10]
  • Location: Mintia, Hunedoara County, Romania
  • Coordinates: 45.9179, 22.8475 (approximate)
  • Gross capacity (pre-construction): 500 MW
    • Combined-cycle unit: Gas-fired, combined cycle, 500 MW[11] (no start-up date)[12]

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