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Edison Mission Group is headquartered in Irvine, California and "manages the competitive power generation business and other unregulated subsidiaries" of Edison International, including Chicago-based Midwest Generation.[1]

On Dec 18, 2012, Edison Mission Energy filed for Chapter 11 protection under the Bankruptcy Code, saying it would seek to restructure an estimated $5 billion in debt from creditors.[2]

Power generation

On its website the company states that EMG has interests in 30 power stations with an installed capacity of 10,634 megawatts (MW), of which EMG's ownership share is 9,464 MW. EMG has interests in fossil-fuel power plants in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia and Doga, Turkey. It also has interests in a biomass plant in New York and a portfolio of existing and proposed wind farms.[1]

EMG's Coal-Fired Power Stations

EMG's coal-fired power stations, as of July 2008, are[3]:

  • American Bituminous, Grant Town, West Virginia [1]
  • Crawford, Chicago, Illinois [2]
  • Fisk, Chicago, Illinois [3]
  • Homer City, Northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [4]
  • Joliet, Joliet, Illinois (Coal, natural gas and diesel) [5]
  • Powerton, Pekin, Illinois [6]
  • Waukegan, Waukegan, Illinois (Coal and oil) [7]
  • Will County, Romeoville, Illinois [8]


EMG subsidiary Edison Mission Energy (EME) is "an independent power producer engaged in the business of owning, leasing, operating and selling energy and capacity from electric power generation facilities. EME conducts price risk management and energy trading activities through Edison Mission Marketing and Trading (EMMT), which is based in Boston. EMMT also manages retail electric power and energy sales made by Edison Mission Solutions, LLC."[1]

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