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Edlapura power station is a proposed 800 megawatt (MW) coal plant in Karnataka state, India. The plant is sponsored by Karnataka Power Corporation.


The undated satellite photo below shows that the project will be sited on vacant land available within the Raichur Thermal Power Station complex, a 1720 MW coal plant also operated by Karnataka Power Corporation.[1]

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An Environmental Impact Assessment has been drafted for the 800 MW supercritical power station.[1][2][3]

In May 2014, Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited said it was planning to invest Rs 5,100 crore over the next 24 months to upgrade lines and instal new sub-stations, including through the proposed Edlapura power station.[4]

In July 2014 the power station was being considered for a long-term coal linkage.[5]

As of May 2018 the project has yet to receive environmental clearance, and plans appear to be deferred or abandoned.

Flue gas desulphurization

Although the EIA includes a description of flue gas desulphurization technology, it is not clear that the plant will actually include a flue gas desulphurization system.[3]

Project Details

Sponsor: Karnataka Power Corporation
Location: Edlapura village, Raichur district, Karnataka
Coordinates: 16.3537187, 77.3426503 (exact)
Status: Cancelled
Capacity: 800 MW
Type: Supercritical
Projected in service:
Coal Source: 30% imported, 70% indigenous. Source of indigenous coal: Singareni coal fields of Andhra Pradesh or Wesern coal fields from Wardha of Maharashtra or Talcher mines of Mahanadi Coal fields of Orissa[2]
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:

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