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The Goldenbergwerk IGCC power station is a 450 megawatt MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle power station proposed by RWE to be constructed at Hurth, near Cologne in Germany. It is proposed that the project would capture 2.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.[1]

On its website RWE states that "The implementation of the IGCC-CCS project requires that the Carbon Storage Law (KSpG) be passed and that policy-makers promote acceptance of the CCS technology. Without this framework, the exploration of suitable storage sites is not possible. Without a CO2 storage facility, the route for the pipeline cannot be planned. Without the pipeline and storage facility, on the other hand, the construction of a power plant designed for CCS is neither viable nor sensible from the perspective of climate protection. Thus, RWE has to defer the first steps necessary to implement the IGCC project in Hürth and put the brake on the engineering activities for the power plant. RWE banks on the speedy creation of a legal framework and the improvement of the acceptance situation in particular as regards CO2 storage and transport."[2]

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