Hodonin Power Station

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Hodonin Power Station is a 107-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station located in Hodonin in the Czech Republic.


The plant is located in Hodonín, Jihomoravský.

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The Hodonin Power Station is a lignite-fired power station owned and operated by the CEZ Group.[1]

According to Industcards: "The plant was installed near a lignite mine and the Morava River. Units 1&2 were the first 50-MW units installed in Czechoslovakia. When two 55-MW sets were completed in 1958, Hodonin was the largest power station in the country. From 1992-1997, two CFB boilers from AE&E were installed at the plant and Units 3&4 reconstructed to new ratings of 40 MW and 60 MW, respectively. The new CFB boilers co-fire biomass." Two units have been retired.[2]

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