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Invierno Mine, known in Spanish as Mina Invierno or Minera Invierno, is a coal mine located on Riesco Island in Chile.


The satellite photo below shows the mine site in the Seno Otway sector of Riesco Island, Chile. The company's website indicates that the Invierno coal project is located on the ranch of the same name, occupying 1,509 hectares, or nearly a third of the total area of Riesco Island, Chile's fourth largest island.[1][2]

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Mina Invierno, whose name translates to "Winter Mine," is Chile's largest domestic coal mine.[3] It was the first of five mines planned for Chile's Riesco Island as part of the Mina Isla Riesco project.

A Chilean government commission approved the plan for Mina Invierno in August of 2011.[4] The mine was estimated to have around a 73 million metric ton reserve in 2012. Copec, of the Angelini group, and Inversiones Ultraterra of Von Appen - both subsidiaries of Ultramar [5] - reported an investment of 530 million dollars into the project.[6]

The mine began operating in 2013, with an environmental permit allowing for the production of up to 6 million tonnes of coal per annum.[7]

In June 2019, the environmental court of Valdivia cancelled Mina Invierno's blasting permit, prompting the the mine's board of directors to announce cessation of operations effective November 2019.[8][9][10][11]At the time of the announcement, Mina Invierno was producing 2.3 million tonnes of coal per annum, with plans to increase production to 4 million.[12]

In October 2019, Platts reported that the mine's impending closure, coupled with Chile's recent signing of a new trans-Pacific trade deal, might lead Chile to import sub-bituminous coal from Indonesia to feed the country's remaining coal-fired power plants - all of which must be closed by 2040 under Chile's national decarbonization plan.[3]

Mina Invierno sent its last shipment of coal in April 2020[13][14], but its owners continue to appeal the court ruling that led to the mine's closure.[15]


According to environmentalists, the land Mina Invierno is built on is a part of the Reserva Nacional Alacaluf.[6]

In 2013, Mina Invierno was directing 30 percent of the coal to the thermoelectric power plants in the north of Chile and was selling the rest to China, contradicting the initial promise that the plant would reduce Chile's coal imports.[16]

Workers involved with the project say that the working conditions at the mine are dangerous. President of the Mina Invierno workers’ union Miguel Bravo said in 2013 that "the health and safety requirements are not being met. The paths are not wide enough, there are collapses and it is a question of luck whether the trucks manage to reach their destination. The working conditions are very dangerous because of the weather conditions and they fail to comply with Decree 132 governing this type of work."[16]

Conflicts of Interest

Sebastián Piñera was serving his first term as president of Chile when the country approved Minera Isla Riesco. Piñera had a financial interest in the project, the billionaire businessman held 785,609[16] shares of stock in Copec at the time. Despite the stock being held in a blind trust, the Piñera government's environmental authority's approval of Mina Invierno garnered the president 5 million dollars in profit.[4]

Project Details

  • Owner: Empresas Copec S.A. and Inversiones Ultraterra Limited[17]
  • Parent company: Ultramar[17]
  • Location: Km. 40 of Route Y-560 on Riesco Island, Chile
  • GPS coordinates: -53.0006953,-72.4206119 (exact)
  • Mine status: Operating
  • Start year: 2013[7]
  • Mineable reserves: 73 million tonnes
  • Coal type: Subbituminus[7]
  • Mine size: 1509 Acres
  • Mine type: Surface, Mobile Open Pit[7]
  • Production: 2.3 million tonnes per year[12]
  • Equipment:
  • Number of employees: 500[18]

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