Iranian-Oman export offshore Pipeline

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Iranian-Oman export offshore Pipeline ((خط لوله انتقال گاز صادراتی به عمان(بخش خشکی)) is a proposed gas pipeline running from Iran to Oman.[1] It is the offshore part of the Iran-Oman gas pipeline.[2]


The proposed pipeline runs underwater from Iran’s Kuhmobarak port to the west of Sohar, Oman.[3][2]

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Project Details

  • Operator: National Iranian Gas Export Company[1]
  • Parent company: Ministry of Petroleum of Iran
  • Capacity: 1,000.00 MMcf/d[1]
  • Proposed capacity expansion: 1,500 MMcf/d[3]
  • Length: 176 km / miles[3]
  • Diameter:
  • Status: Construction[3]
  • Start year: 2021[3]
  • Financing: $1.2 billion[2]
  • Associated Projects: Oman Qalhat LNG Terminal


The Iranian-Oman export offshore Pipeline connects to an onshore section, which began construction in 1994. The National Iranian Gas Export Company credits sanctions for the delay in constructing the offshore section of the pipeline.[1] A team from Oman and Iran met in April 2018 to finalize the route. Officials from the Offshore Installation Company told reporters construction was expected to take three years.[3]

In November of 2018, the Iranian Department of Environment approved the plan for the pipeline.[4]

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