Jeju Thermal Power Station

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Jeju Thermal Power Station, also known as Bukjeju power station, is a thermal power station that uses a combination of fuel oil, LNG, and biofuels. It is owned by KEPCO subsidiary Korea Midland Power and is located on the north shore of Jeju Island, South Korea.


The plant is part of a power complex on the north short of Jeju Island.

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The 10 MW Unit 1 of Jeju Thermal Power Station was retired in 2009. Units 2 and 3 (each 75 MW) were built in 2000 and use fuel oil. They are part of complex that also includes two 40 MW internal combustion power plants, 7 wind turbines, and solar panels. The complex is operated by Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO), a subsidiary of KEPCO. [1][2]

In 2016 KOMIPO began construction on two new LNG-fired units at the site, 114 MW each. They were commissioned in 2018.

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Korea Midland Power Co Ltd[1]
  • Parent company: Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)[3]
  • Location: Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
  • Coordinates: 33.5366283, 126.5973875[1]
  • Gross generating capacity (operating): 228MW
    • Unit CC1: LNG-fired combined-cycle, 114 MW (start-up in 2018)[1]
    • Unit CC2: LNG-fired combined-cycle, 114 MW (start-up in 2018)[1]

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