Karamy-Dushanzi/Ulmuqi Pipeline

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Karamy-Dushanzi/Ulmuqi (Karamy oil field export pipelines) (克拉玛依油田外输管线(克独线,克乌线)) also known as Kedu Line is an oil pipeline operating in China.[1]


  • The Karamay-Dushanzi pipeline runs from Karamy, Zinjiang to Dushanzi/Ulmuqi, Xinjiang, China
  • The Kedu New Line pipeline route is unknown.
  • The Karamay-Urumqi pipeline route is unknown.
  • The Kou Double Line route is unknown
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Project Details

  • Operating Company:
  • Parent Company:PipeChina
  • Current Capacity: 53 mta
  • Length: [1]
    • Karamay-Dushanzi pipeline (Kedu line): 147.2 kilometers
    • Parallel line: 147 km
    • Kedu New Line: 148.62 km
    • Karamay-Urumqi pipeline (Kewu line): 295 km
    • Kou Double Line: Unknown
  • Status: operating
  • Start Year: 1959, 1973, 1991


The pipeline's source is Karamy Oil Field, the diameter is 168 mm, and design pressure is 8.5 mpa.

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