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The Pacific Trails Pipeline, also known as the PTP, is a proposed pipeline in Canada, with plans to connect to the Kitimat LNG Terminal. Chevron announced that it was divesting 50% of its ownership in the terminal in December 2019, and as a result, the terminal and this connected pipeline are now considered shelved.[1]


The pipeline would run from the Liard and Horn River basins in northeast British Columbia, Canada, via Summit Lake to the Kitimat LNG Terminal site at Bish Cove in northwestern British Columbia.

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Project details

  • Owner: Chevron (50%), Woodside Energy (50%)[1][2]
  • Capacity: 1 billion cubic feet per day[2]
  • Length: 471 kilometers[1]


Chevron announced its plans to divest in the project in December 2019. An updated in March, 2021 noted that despite "the many challenges posed by COVID-19", Chevron continued this divestment process and at that point had ceased further funding of work related to the Kitimat LNG Terminal.

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