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Parsons Brinkerhof is a global infrastructure consultancy company. One division of the company specialises in power generation. On its website the company states that its "capabilities now encompass many major types of power generation, from conventional coal-, oil-, and gas-fired plants to newer technologies such as cogeneration."[1] In October 2009 Parsons Brinckerhoff became the professional services division of Balfour Beatty.[2]

Global warming

On its website the company states that it is "is strongly aware of the role of conventional power generation in global climate change, and we are actively participating in research and project development activities to mitigate this effect. Solutions include carbon capture and storage, the development of more efficient thermal cycles, and exploitation of renewable energy."[1]

Coal projects

The company worked on the the Kogan Creek Power Station in Queensland, Australia. The power station is a 750 megawatt coal-fired power station. Coal for the plant is supplied from the adjoining Kogan Creek Mine.[3]

It is also assisting [C.GEN]] with gaining permits for the construction of the proposed 520 megawatt North Killingholme IGCC Project in the United Kingdom. was proposed by C.GEN in March 2011. The company states that the plant being studied would have an installed capacity of 520 megawatts with possible fuels varying from coal to a blend of "unconventional hard coal", petcoke and wood/biomass or even as a pure gas-fired plant. In a presentation on the project, C.GEN stated that in early 2011 that Parsons Brinkerhof "started permitting procedure 2010" and that in February 2011 it had filed an application to the European Union's New Entrant Reserve scheme for funding proposed Carbon Capture and Storage projects.[4]

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