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Pitamahul power station is a proposed 1320-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant to be set up by Ind-Barath Power, in the state of Odisha, India.


The projects is proposed for the village of Pitamohul in Sonepur district.

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KU Projects Ltd., a subsidiary of Ind-Barath Power, signed a memorandum of understanding for the 1320 MW power station with the state of Odisha in 2011.[1]

However, as of 2014 the project appears to have been dropped, as it is not mentioned on the Ind-Barath website and the Ministry of Environment and Forests do not report an application for an environmental permit.


According to multiple press reports, at least three thousand villagers joined a protest rally organized by Water Initiatives Odisha. The farmers expressed concern that the plat would divert scarce water resources needed for irrigation as well as polluting the remaining water in the Mahanadi river. Organizer Ranjan Panda of Water Initiatives Odisha said, "We strongly oppose such a move and urge upon the government to scrap such a polluting project."[2]

In a letter to the State Environment and Forest Minister, Water Initiatives Odisha noted the contradiction between the State Government's about its green initiatives on World Environment Day and its simultaneous suppose for 60,000 MW of new thermal power initiatives. Ranjan Panda said, "Most of these plants are coming up in areas already suffering widespread land degradation and water scarcity."[3]

Panda described the acute conflicts over scarce water posed by proposed coal plant: "The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the Sahara Thermal Power Plant says it will draw water from Tel river even as it does not show a water availability analysis of the river. Tel is a water starving river already. Similarly, Pitamahul of Subarnapur where already a public hearing has been conducted for a coal-fired power plant is another dry area. The plant proposes to draw water from Mahanadi which is already stressed due to the dependence of a large number of plants."[3]

Project Details

Sponsor: KU Projects Ltd.
Parent: Ind-Barath Power
Location: Pitamahul village, Subaranapur (Sonepur) district, Odisha
Coordinates: 20.9122792, 84.19806 (approximate)
Status: Cancelled
Capacity: 1320 MW
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:

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