Poland-Ukraine Interconnector Gas Pipeline

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Poland-Ukraine Interconnector Gas Pipeline is a proposed gas pipeline in Poland and Ukraine.[1]


The pipeline runs from Hermanowice, Poland to Strachocina, Poland to Ukraine.[1][2]

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Project Details

  • Proposed capacity: 4.5 billion cubic meters per year
  • Length: 100 km / 62 mi
  • Capacity:
    • Poland-Ukraine Direction: 8 bcm/y[3]
    • Ukraine-Poland Direction: 7 bcm/y[3]
  • Status: Proposed[4]
  • Start Year: 2022
  • Cost: $245 million[3]


An international cooperation agreement between Poland and Ukraine for the engineering and construction works of the project was signed in December 2016.[4]

In 2017 construction began on the Poland Ukraine Interconnector Pipeline. It will transport 5 billion cubic meters per year.[5] In September 2019 it was reported that Ukraine, Poland, and the United States had signed a cooperation agreement aimed at achieving greater energy independence for Ukraine; it was also reported that the Poland Ukraine Interconnector would transport 4.5 bcm and would be completed by 2021.[6] However, as of August 28, 2019, Energy Community is reporting that the project's expected commissioning is in 2022.[4] Documentation published by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) in November 2020 notes for the project that "The dialogue between the TSOs [Transmission System Operators] of both countries is ongoing in order to establish grounds for taking the positive FID [final investment decision] for implementation of the PL-UA interconnection. Therefore, launching of the construction works is postponed until the FID is taken."[7]

The project's ENTSOG TYNDP 2018 code is "TRA-A-621" for the Polish section and "TRA-A-561" for the Ukrainian section.[4][8] It is a part of the "EAST 26b" group.[9]

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