Saldanha Bay LNG Terminal

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Saldanha Bay LNG Terminal is a proposed LNG import terminal in Western Cape, South Africa. There have been no updates since 2017 and the project is presumed to be shelved.


The terminal is proposed for along the Saldanha Bay in Western Cape province.

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Project Details

  • Owner:
  • Location: Saldanha Bay, Western Cape province, South Africa
  • Coordinates: -33.034722, 18.009722 (approximate)
  • Capacity: 1 mtpa, 0.14 bcfd[1]
  • Status: Shelved
  • Type: Import
  • Start Year: 2020

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


In October 2016 the South Africa DoE, together with Transnet National Ports Authority, said it had completed its 18-month study on the suitability of locating an LNG import terminal at each of the Ports of Ngqura (Coega), Richards Bay and Saldanha Bay in South Africa. The studies showed that a terminal at Saldanha Bay requires substantial work, and therefore the DOE would focus on the Coega LNG Terminal and Richards Bay LNG Terminal. However, the DOE said the terminal at Saldanha Bay has not been abandoned, and the development of the project “remains an opportunity in the next phase of the LNG-to-power program."[2][3]

There have been no updates since 2017 and the project is presumed to be shelved.

In February of 2020, Saldanha Bay, along with Richards Bay and Coega Bay, have been proposed as possible locations for a new FLNG import terminal, suggesting renewed interest in the terminal.[4]

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