Saray Tekirdağ power station

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Saray Tekirdağ power station is a proposed 300-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Tekirdağ province, Turkey.


The map below shows the location of Saray district, the location where the plant would be built in Tekirdağ province.

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Background on Plant

In August 2006, a TKI auction to build a mine and mine-to-mouth plant at a 129-million-ton lignite field in Eastern Thrace's Tekirdağ province was won by Başat Enerji (which is apparently a subsidiary of the Taşyapı Group), which planned to build a 300-MW coal-fired plant. The plant was scheduled to go online in 2011.[1][2]

However, as of 2014 the project has not moved forward, and was likely cancelled.

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