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Taizhou Linhai LNG Terminal (台州临海LNG接收站)is a proposed LNG terminal in Taizhou, Zheijang, China.


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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Zhongtie Gallon Linhai LNG Co., Ltd. 中铁加仑(临海)液化天然气有限公司
  • Owner: Zhonglian Gallon Enterprise Management Beijing Co., Ltd. 中炼加伦企业管理(北京)有限公司 78%; Ningbo Wanguang Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) 宁波万广投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙) 15.00%; Zhongtie Gallon LNG Logistics Co., Ltd.中铁加仑液化天然气物流股份有限公司 5.00%; Fan Chuanying (Individual) 2%.
  • Parent: Zhonglian Gallon Enterprise Management Beijing Co., Ltd.
  • Location: Toumen Island, Linhai, Taizhou, Zheijang, China
  • Coordinates: 28.682663, 121.788619 (approximate)
  • Capacity: 3 mtpa, 0.43 bcfd
  • Status: Proposed
  • Type: Import
  • Start Year:

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


In 2016, GCL Group reached investment intentions with Taizhou City government on developing Taizhou Linhai LNG Terminal and its supporting transmission pipeline. The plan apparently abandoned.[1]

In March 2019, Linhai City Government signed cooperation frame agreement with Zhongtie Gallon LNG Logistics Co., Ltd on developing Taizhou Linhai LNG Terminal. The total investment reached 17.5 billion yuan ($2.68 billion). [2]

However, in November 2020, Linhai Government invited 24 energy enterprises and financial institutions to review the feasibility of LNG terminal and other projects in Linhai. Zhongtie Gallon LNG Logistics Company didn't participate. [3]

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