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Tori power plant was a proposed 1,800-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station under construction in Jharkhand, India, by Essar Energy.

The project was on hold and presumed cancelled. A liquidation process was underway.


The photo below shows the construction site. Planet satellite imagery confirms that the site remained inactive in February and March, 2018. [1][2]

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Units 1-2

The original Tori project proposal was for a captive pit-head coal-fired power plant, comprising two generation units of 600 MW capacity each, located in Latehar district, Jharkhand. The company states that coal for the project will be sourced "from the Chakla and Ashok Karkata captive coal blocks owned by the company".[3][4]

In late 2011 a company spokesman told The Times of India that "construction work for the first phase has already started and it is going on in full swing. If things move smoothly, the first phase of 600MW will be commissioned by late 2012."[5]

According to a September 2012 status report by the Central Electricity Authority, the first unit of 600 MW will be commissioned in June 2014 and the second unit in September 2014.[6] However, the June 2014 status report of the CEA does not provide a completion date. A March 19, 2014 photo shows partial construction of two units. The December 2014 status report listed the planned commissioning dates as October 2016 for unit 1 and January 2017 for unit 2.[7]

Construction work on the plant had been stalled since 2012-13 after the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) started an inquiry into the allocation process of coal mines, including the mine which was to supply fuel to the project. Allocations were later scrapped in September 2014 following a Supreme Court order. In the reallocation process, which started in February 2015, Essar Power secured the bid for the Tokisud mine at a bid of Rs.1,110 for every tonne of coal mined. Coal from this mine will be used for Essar’s Mahan Super Thermal Power Project, as well as the Tori power plant. Construction work resumed in April 2015.[8]

However, in June 2015 Essar said the Tokisud mine could only be used for the company's Mahan coal plant. Live Mint reported that the Tori project was "on hold with bankers reluctant to lend to the project" as it did not have a fuel supply. At the end of March 2014, 43% of the construction at Tori unit 1 was complete, while at Tori unit 2, 17% had been completed.[9]

In October 2016, the Broad Status Report described the situation at the construction site as follows: "Mega Power Project status is yet being issued from MoP due to which 97% imported main plant equipment are lying at site/ Port. Tapering coal linkage. Reasons for Delay: Delay in MoE&F Clearance (14.11.2013 for U2 & U3), Change of design in water cooled condenser to air cooled condenser due to water availability issue, Law & order issue, delay in grant of Mega power project status, cancellation of coal block and non-availability of tapering / long term coal linkage etc."[10]

In October 2017, the Indian government listed the projected completion date for the units as "uncertain."[11]

Unit 3

A third unit of 600 MW (Phase II) received environmental clearance in 2013,[12] but as of October 2017 has yet to begin construction.[11]

With no developments since 2013, the project appeared to be deferred or abandoned.

Liquidation process

Essar Power Jharkhand, which had a total debt of around Rs 5,600 crore, was admitted into insolvency in 2018 on a plea moved by ICICI Bank. The bank, which had voting rights of 99.3 percent in the Committee of Creditors (CoC), had dragged the company to National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) for defaulting on payment of nearly Rs 3,630 crore.[13]

In 2021, the government described the project (Units 1-3) as follows: "Liquidation Order date 18.12.2019; The Liquidator has initiated the e-auction process for realizing the assets of the Corporate Debtor and till date has sold around 15,000 MT of Fabricated Steel Structure from the power plant."[14]

Project Details

Sponsor: Essar Energy
Location: Tori village, Latehar district, Jharkhand
Coordinates: 23.7073307, 84.7738552 (exact)
Status: Units 1 and 2: Cancelled (Construction on hold); Unit 3: Cancelled
Nameplate capacity: 1,800 MW (Units 1-3: 600 MW)
Projected in service:
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:
Permits: Environmental clearance, India MoEF, Nov 14, 2013

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