Hari Hareshwar power station (Veshvi and Bankot)

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Hari Hareshwar power station (Veshvi and Bankot), also known as Veshvi power station, is a proposed 1,600 megawatt (MW) coal plant in Maharashtra, India.


The map below shows the location of Veshvi village in the Ratnagiri district, but not the exact location of the project.

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Hari Hareshwar power station (Veshvi and Bankot) is a 1,600 megawatt coal-fired power station proposed by Hari Hareshwar Power Company (HPPC) to be built at the village of Veshvi in Maharashtra state, India. HPPC is a joint venture between the Malaysian Genting Bhd group and the Mumbai-based Etsinta Energy.[1]

However, as of 2014 the power station has not received environmental clearance, and may have been cancelled.


According to an article in The Hindu, the company, which has proposed the power station be based on imported coal, is facing opposition from local villagers. The article stated that "locals feel that their livelihood, which is based on mango, cashew and coconut plantations, will be destroyed by pollution from these plants. The fishermen community has also joined local farmers as they feel that hot water released from the plant into the sea will kill fishes and their habitat." Citing Dr. Swami, a Veshvi physician, the article wrote that "villagers opposing this project are threatening to join forces with villagers from Jaitapur to launch a bigger agitation in the coming days."[2]

Project Details

Sponsor: Hari Hareshwar Power Company
Location: Bankot Narayen nagar, Kengwal, Veshvi & Velas villages, Mandangad taluk, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra
Coordinates: 17.979579, 73.051596 (approximate)
Status: Cancelled
Capacity: Unit 1: 800 MW, Unit 2: 800 MW
Projected in service:
Coal Source: Imported from unspecified location
Estimated annual CO2: 9,461,921 tons
Source of financing:
Permits and applications: Terms of Reference, India Ministry of Environment and Forests, October 13, 2010

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  2. Rahul Wadke, "Yet another Maharashtra power plant faces villagers' ire", The Hindu, October 31, 2011.

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