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Weiher-3 power station, also known as the Quierschied-Weiher Power Station, is a 724-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Saarland, Germany.

In November 2016, plant owner Steag GmbH said it plans to mothball nearly a third of its German power generation capacity, including Weiher-3, citing a massive decline in wholesale prices.[1]


The map below shows the plant in Quierschied, Saarbrücken.

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The single-unit, subcritical coal plant was first built in 1976 and upgraded in 2006 to its current capacity of 724 MW. It is owned by STEAG of KSBG.[2]

800 MW Expansion Proposal Abandoned

According to Deutsche Umweltshilfe, a proposal to build an 800 MW expansion at the same location was abandoned without statement of reasons in 2007.[3]

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