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Whitehaven Coal is a small coal mining company with four existing mines in New South Wales and another one under construction. The company's share of coal produced from the operating mines in 2009 was 2.8 million tonnes of saleable coal.[1]

Existing Coal mines

Whitehaven currently operates four open cut mines in the region:[1]

New mines

Whitehaven also


Whitehaven has an 11% interest in the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) which is currently constructing a new coal export terminal at the Port of Newcastle. It also has an export allocation with Port Waratah Coal Services, which operates the existing coal terminals in Newcastle.[1]

Contact details

Whitehaven Coal Limited
Level 9, 1 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
PO Box R1113, Royal Exchange NSW 1225
Phone: 02 8507 9700
Fax: 02 8507 9701
Website: http://www.whitehaven.net.au/

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