Şırnak Galata power station

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Şırnak Galata power station is a proposed 270-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Şırnak province, Turkey.


The map below shows the location of Toptepe village, the approximate location where the plant would be built in Şırnak district, Şırnak province. The site would be located near the Şırnak Toptepe coal mine, which is to the northeast of the village.

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Background on Plant

In December 2011, Galata Enerji (a subsidiary of Global Yatırım Holding) signed a construction contract with China National Electric Engineering Company to build a two-unit, 270-MW, $500-million mine-to-mouth coal-fired power plant near the Şırnak Toptepe asphaltite coal mine in Şırnak province.[1][2][3]

In December 2013, the Akkök Group bought a 55% share in the project. With this additional investment, the project appears to now be moving forward.[4][5]

In December 2014 the project owners said they were ready to move forward with construction of the 270 MW coal project, planned for completion by 2017.[6]

In June 2014 it was reported that the project was shelved,[7] and Galata Enerji had returned the production license to EPDK.[8]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Galata Enerji
  • Parent company: Global Yatırım Holding
  • Location: Toptepe village, Şırnak district, Şırnak province, Turkey
  • Coordinates: 37.468, 42.391 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Gross capacity: 2 x 135 MW
  • Type: Circulating fluidized bed[1]
  • Projected in service:
  • Coal type: Asphaltite[1]
  • Coal source: Şırnak Toptepe coal mine, Turkey
  • Source of financing:

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