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ANZ, one of Australia's largest banks, is a major financier of coal fired power stations and coal mines.

ANZ policy statements

ANZ has committed to the following relevant voluntary international principles:

In addition to these standards ANZ has also developed individual sustainability policies. With regard to power generation, ANZ has developed a Climate Change policy [4] and a Greenhouse and Energy policy[5]

Both policies commit ANZ to assess the emission intensity and environmental performance of customers followed by an agreement between the bank and the client about how the environmental risks of a client’s activities should be mitigated.[4][6]

These policies do not, however, lead to an exclusion of investments in companies that generate coal-fired power or develop new coal-fired power plants. ANZ also developed a specific Mining and Minerals policy which states that the bank will support activities demonstrating best practice environmental protection and community engagement measures when it comes to mining activities.[7]

ANZ funding on coal projects

Over the past five years ANZ has invested A$ 726.8 million in coal mining projects, A$ 650.0 million in coal-fired power plants, A$ 309.0 million in ports and A$ 276.1 million in renewable energy in Australia. Table 3 and Table 4 summarize the bank’s investments in the coal sector (mining, ports and coal-fired power stations (CFPS))

Table 3 Investments of ANZ in the Australian coal sector
Sector Company Amount (A$ million) Coal amount (A$ million)
Mining AGL Energy 354 48.5
Mining BHP Billiton 517 37.2
Mining Centennial Coal 350 350.0
Mining CLP Group 325 41.6
Mining International Power 70.5 25.1
Mining Itochu Corporation 37 0.5
Mining Noble Group 161 9.5
Mining Queensland government 2,208 8.8
Mining Wesfarmers 125 5.6
Mining Whitehaven Coal 40
Mining Xstrata 607 160.0
Total mining 726.8
Ports DBCT Management Pty Ltd (also referred to as "Hay Point - BBI" 109 109.0
Ports Newcastle - NCIG 209 209.0
Total ports 309.0
Coal-fired power stations AGL Energy 354 26.6
Coal-fired power stations Alinta Energy 715.4 119.5
Coal-fired power stations CLP Group 325 36.0
Coal-fired power stations Intergen 100 11.0
Coal-fired power stations International Power 70.5 27.5
Coal-fired power stations NSW government 867 91.0
Coal-fired power stations Queensland Government 2,208 70.7
Coal-fired power stations Griffin Group 127 127.0
Coal-fired power stations Transfield Services/TSI Fund 564 140.7
Total Coal-fired power stations 650.0
Total coal 1,685.8

Table 4 Investments of ANZ in the Australian renewables sector
Company Amount (A$ million) Renewables amount (A$ million)
AGL Energy 354 120.4
ICG 24 7.9
NSW government 867 2.6
Pacific Hydro 56 33.3
Queensland government 2,208 4.4
Snowy Hydro 125 107.5
Total renewables 276.1

Protests against ANZ

Yallourn projection sml.jpg

At least 33 protests have been held in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, with demonstrators giving out flyers and holding placards as well as hanging banners outside ANZ bank headquarters, and projecting the same message on a power station: ANZ We Pollute Your World. On 19 October 2010 Greenpeace displayed a projection on the side of Yallourn W power station, in Moe, Victoria, as part of the campaign targeting the financing of Australia's coal industry.[8] Greenpeace referred to the power station as "the third most polluting power station in Australia and one of ten across the country financed by ANZ over the last five years."[9]

Banner hang 2 sml.jpg

On 21 October 2010 Greenpeace hung a banner on the side of the ANZ state headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland to highlight the the fact that ANZ has provided $1.6 billion in finance to the coal industry over the past five years while claiming to be a leader in sustainability. "ANZ have been winning awards for sustainability amd has a commitment for going carbon-neutral, but at the same time, they're the bigget financiers of polluting coal in Australia. We think that is hypocritical. They should put their money where their mouth is," said Greenpeace spokesman John Hepburn said. Four Greenpeace activists associated with the protest were arrested.[10]

Other groups campaigning on this issue

Ten local climate action groups as well as the Camp for Climate Action and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition helped with the ANZ campaign.

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