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AOC Hangingstone Oil Pipeline, also known as Enbridge Line 72, is a heavy crude oil pipeline in Alberta, Canada.[1][2]


The pipelines begins at the AOC Hangingstone Project and terminates at Enbridge’s Cheecham Terminal, both near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.[3]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Enbridge Inc.[3]
  • Owner: Enbridge Inc.[3]
  • Parent company: Enbridge Inc.[3]
  • Capacity: 16,000 barrels a day[3]
  • Length: 31 miles[2][4]
  • Diameter: 16 inches[3]
  • Status: Operating[1][3]
  • Start year: 2015[1]
  • Cost:
  • Financing:
  • Associated infrastructure:


Athabasca’s Hangingstone Project is an oil sands steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) project developed about 20km south-west of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. The project was implemented with a $536m investment and an additional $27m for the construction of ancillary infrastructure. It has a production capacity of 12,000 barrels a day, while two proposed additional phases are expected to increase capacity to more than 80,000 barrels a day.[1]

The project area is made up of 213 sections of land covering an area of about 136,000 acres of oil sands leases. The field is estimated to hold 51 million barrels of proven reserves, 66 million barrels of probable reserves and 912 million barrels of contingent resources (best estimate).[1]

The AOC Hangingstone Oil Pipeline appears to have originally been owned and operated by Athabasca Oil Corporation (AOC).[1] However, in 2018 Athabasca sold some of its assets to Enbridge Inc.,[5] likely including this pipeline, as Enbridge's annual assets documentation include it.

According to Enbridge's Energy Infrastructure Assets 2020 report, the average annual capacity is 16,000 barrels per day.[2]

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