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Aboadze Rotan power station, also called Rotan power station, is a 660-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant at the Aboadze Power Enclave in Western Region, Ghana.[1]


The map below shows the exact location of the proposed power station at the Aboadze Power Enclave in Aboadze, Western Region, Ghana.

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In December 2017, a memorandum of understanding between Siemens and Rotan Power was signed for this project.[2] The funding is expected to be provided by the German Export Credit Agency and Euler Hermes. The Aboadze Rotan plant will be between the 330 MW Takoradi Thermal Power Station and the 200 MW Amandi power plant in the Aboadze Power Enclave.

In 2018, a procurement notice for the first "single, natural gas-fired ‘F’ class combined cycle unit" announced that funding was expected to be ready by mid-2019. Initial output is planned for 330 MW, but they expect the single unit output "will likely exceed 330 MW in the future subject to grid acceptance." The procurement notice stated that "Rotan is developing a gas-fired combined cycle power generation facility at Aboadze in the western region of Ghana, with a single ‘F’ class gas turbine planned for the first phase, and a similar ‘F’ class unit for the second phase of the project.[3]

Also, in 2018, in an interview to explain the need for more power in Africa, Rotan's CEO compared power use in US's New York State to the country of Nigeria:

"New York State has over 50,000 MW of installed capacity. They do have a manufacturing base and about 25 million people. Nigeria has 170 million-185 million people, so seven or eight times that of New York, and on any given day, dependable capacity on the grid is 4,000 MW."[3]

The numbers are slightly off, closer to 40,000 MW of installed capacity and a NY state population closer to 20 million.

In April 2019, Rotan Power announced a new partner to replace Mitsui & Co.[4] Also, in April, Ghana Gas finished a new gas pipeline to the Aboadze Power Enclave, which can supply enough gas to fuel about 600 MW.[5]

In 2023, Phase I is expected to come online.[6][7]

In 2025, Phase II is expected to come online.[6] [7]

The plant has not made progress and thus appears to be shelved.

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Rotan Power Limited
  • Parent company: Rotan Energy[8]
  • Location: Aboadze, Western Region, Ghana
  • Coordinates: 4.968973, -1.663185 (exact)[9]
  • Gross generating capacity (shelved): 660 MW
    • Phase I: Natural gas combined-cycle unit: 330 MW (to start 2023)
    • Phase II: Natural gas combined-cycle unit: 330 MW (to start 2025)

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