Adularya Eskişehir coal mine

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The Adularya Eskişehir coal mine is an underground mine, operated by Adularya Elektrik, a subsidiary of TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey), producing coal for the Yunus Emre power station, in Eskişehir province, Turkey.


The photo below shows the mine and plant, which is near Koyunağılı town, Mihalıççık district, Eskişehir province.

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Background on Project

In July 2008, Adularya Elektrik (a subsidiary of Naksan Holding) received initial regulatory approval to build a two-unit, 290-MW, $600-million coal-fired power plant in Eskişehir province. The mine-to-mouth plant will burn lignite coal from an adjacent mine, which will also be operated by Adularya Elektrik. The mine received regulatory approval in 2008.[1][2]

In March 2010, Adularya signed a construction contract with Czech company Vítkovice Power Engineering.[3] Adularya signed a credit agreement with the Czech Export Bank in August 2010.[4][5]

Site preparation work broke ground in March 2011, and plant construction began in November of that year.[3][6] In May 2013, Vítkovice subcontracted ABB to provide integrated control & instrumentation systems for the plant.[7]

The power plant was originally planned for 2016, but Adularya alleged that the components and machines provided by Czech company Vítkovice Machinery Group were not suitable for the low quality coal that is used at the power plant.[8] Construction was further postponed by political problems in Turkey.[9] The Turkish government accused Naksan Holding of supporting the 2016 coup attempt and confiscated it via TMSF and a court case.[10]

In January 2018 the Czech Export Bank asked the state insurance company EGAP to pay a bill of billions of dollars for the unfinished construction of the power plant,[11] and a trade union reported that miners were occupying the mine in protest at unpaid wages.[12]

TMSF hopes to re-privatize the plant in 2018.[13] In January 2019 it announced that the plant would be put up for auction on January 30, 2019 at a price of $1.4 billion Turkish lira.[14]

As of June 2017, archival photos on Google Earth show the plant to be substantially complete, and coal piles are stocked. However, as of June 2018 there are no reports that the plant has begun operating. As of December 2018 the plant was reportedly performing test operations.[15]

In May 2019 TMSF announced that it would put the plant up for sale for 1.1 billion Turkish Lira (TL) on July 10, 2019.[16] In August 2019 it was reported that the July 2019 auction had been unsuccessful and no buyer for the plant had been found.[17] In December 2019 the website for Turkey's Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) stated that Unit 1 was operating and that Unit 2 was under construction.[18][19]

Mine Details

  • Sponsor: Adularya Enerji
  • Parent company: TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey)[10]
  • Location: Koyunağılı town, Mihalıççık district, Eskişehir province, Turkey
  • Coordinates: 39.9843086, 31.6356393 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Production:
  • Reserves:
  • Coal type: Lignite
  • Source of financing: Czech Export Bank[4]

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