Aichi Steel Chita Plant (Tokai)

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Aichi Steel Chita Plant (Tokai) (also known as Chita Plant; Hagane Company (predecessor); and Toyoda Steel (predecessor)) is a 1495-thousand tonnes per annum (ttpa) electric arc furnace (EAF) steel plant in Chūbu, in Japan. Aichi Steel Chita Plant (Tokai) operates a electric arc furnace (EAF).


The map below shows the exact location of the steel plant in Tokai, in Japan.

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The Aichi Steel Chita plant (Tokai) began operating in 1943 under Aichi Steel.[1]

In 2016, an explosion at the plant damaged the furnace of the No.2 Bar Mill Shop and had to suspend operations temporarily. Luckily, it seems that no employees were injured.[2][3]

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