Akrimota Power Project

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The Akrimota Power Project is a 250 megawatt lignite-fired power station which is owned and operated by Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation in Gujarat, India.


The undated satellite photo shows the power station in Nani Chher village.

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The power plant was synchronized in 2005 and began commercial operation in 2006-2007. It is at the pithead of the Panandhro Lignite Mine. The plant is located near the village of Nani Chher in Kutchh district.[1]

250 MW Expansion

In late 2011 Platts listed a 250MW expansion of the power station as being planned.[2] However, GMDC make no mention of the possible expansion on their website,[3] and as of 2016 the company is not listed as having applied for an environmental permit. The project appears to have been abandoned.

Project Details of proposed expansion

Sponsor: Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation
Location: Nani Chher village, Kutchh district, Gujarat
Coordinates: 23.7724998, 68.6455556 (exact)

  • Unit 1: Operating (2007)
  • Unit 2: Operating (2006)
  • Unit 3: Cancelled

Nameplate capacity:

  • Unit 1: 125 MW
  • Unit 2: 125 MW
  • Unit 3: 250 MW

Projected in service:
Coal Type: Lignite
Coal Source: Panandhro Lignite Mine, India
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:

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