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Aksa Antalya power station (Aksa Antalya Doğalgaz Santrali, Antalya Enerji Santralı) is an operating power station of at least 900-megawatts (MW) in Selimiye, Döşemealtı/Antalya, Türkiye with multiple units, some of which are not currently operating. It is also known as Ali Metin Kazancı Antalya Combined Cycle Natural GPP.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Plant name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Aksa Antalya power station Selimiye, Döşemealtı/Antalya, Türkiye 37.1203, 30.6016 (exact)[1]

The map below shows the exact location of the power station.

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Unit-level coordinates (WGS 84):

  • Unit 1, Unit 2: 37.1203, 30.6016

Project Details

Table 2: Unit-level details

Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology CHP Start year Retired year
Unit 1 mothballed[2] gas[3] 250[4] combined cycle[3] no[3] 2009[5]
Unit 2 operating[3] gas[3] 900[6] combined cycle[3] no[3] 2011[5]

CHP is an abbreviation for Combined Heat and Power. It is a technology that produces electricity and thermal energy at high efficiencies. Coal units track this information in the Captive Use section when known.

Table 3: Unit-level ownership and operator details

Unit name Owner Parent
Unit 1 Aksa Enerji Uretim AS[3] Kazancı Holding [79.0%]; other [21.0%]
Unit 2 Aksa Enerji Uretim AS[3] Kazancı Holding [79.0%]; other [21.0%]


This power station provides combined heat-and-power to the city of Selimiye, rated at a total power output of 1150 MW. However, the 250 MW unit has not generated any power since 2020, and is considered mothballed.[7]

The power station is equipped with an SGT-4000F turbine, which can burn hydrogen up to 30% within its mix of fuels.[8]

Articles and Resources


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Additional data

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