Al Koudia wind farm

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Other names: Compagnie Eolienne De Detroit (CED), Abdelkhalak Torres wind farm

Al Koudia wind farm (local name: Al Koudia Al Baida (Abdelkhalek Torrest), Abdelkhalek Torres wind farm, Al Koudia Al Baida, Al Koudia, Parc Eolien Abdelkhalek Torres farm, Koudia Al Baida wind farm) is an operating wind farm in Taghramt, cercle d'Anjra, Fahs-Anjra Province, Morocco.

Project Details

Table 1: Phase-level project details for Al Koudia wind farm

Phase name Status Commissioning year Nameplate capacity Mount type Owner Operator
1 Operating[1] 2000[1] 50 MW[1] Onshore Théolia[1] Théolia[1]
Rp-2022 Development[2] 2022 (planned)[2] 120 MW[2] Onshore Théolia[2]
Rp-2024 Development[2] 2024 (planned)[2] 80 MW[2] Onshore Théolia[2]


Table 2: Phase-level location details for Al Koudia wind farm

Phase name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
1 Taghramt, Cercle D'Anjra, Fahs-Anjra Province, Morocco[3] 35.8184, -5.4538 (exact)[3]
Rp-2022 Taghramt, Cercle D'Anjra, Fahs-Anjra Province, Morocco[1][4][3] 35.8184, -5.4538 (exact)[1][4][3]
Rp-2024 Taghramt, Cercle D'Anjra, Fahs-Anjra Province, Morocco[2][3] 35.8184, -5.4538 (exact)[2][3]

The map below shows the exact locations of the wind farm phases:

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