Albania–Kosovo Gas Pipeline

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Albania–Kosovo Gas Pipeline (ALKOGAP) is a proposed gas pipeline running from Albania to Kosovo.[1]


The proposed pipeline would start at a connection with Ionian Adriatic Gas Pipeline near Lezha, Albania and run to Prishtina, Kosovo.[1]

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Project details

  • Operator: ALBGAZ sh.a, Ministry of Economy of Kosovo[2]
  • Owner: ALBGAZ sh.a, Ministry of Economy of Kosovo[2]
  • Parent company: Government of Albania, Government of Republic of Kosovo[2]
  • Capacity:
  • Length: 212 km[1]
  • Diameter: 24 inches[3]
  • Status: Proposed[1]
  • Start year: 2027[4]
  • Cost: €215 million (US$245 million)[1]
  • Financing:
    • Western Balkans Investment Framework: €300,000 grant
    • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: €180,000,000 loan
  • Associated infrastructure: Ionian Adriatic Gas Pipeline
  • Identifiers:
    • 2018 ENTSOG TYNDP Code: TRA-F-1028[2][5]
    • Kosovo Network Development Plan: ENE-005[2]
    • WBIF: PRJ-MULTI-ENE-012[6]


According to Energy-Community's PLIMA database, "The project aims to establish a new supply route for natural gas from the Middle East and Caspian Region transported by Trans Adriatic Pipeline, north-eastwards of the Western Balkan area towards Kosovo*, Serbia and North Macedonia. The ALKOGAP project however shall be planned as bi-directional pipeline, so the possible supply direction could also be north – south, from the Energy Community Gas Ring (ECGR), or other sources."[2] It would enable the gasification of Albania and Kosovo, creating the preconditions for the further development of methane gas markets in Albania and the development of gas markets in Kosovo.[3]

A Memorandum of understanding between Albania and Kosovo relating to the project was signed in June 2016.[2]

In December 2018, the Project Pre-feasibility Assessment for ALKOGAP was finished.[2]

In September 2021, the Kosovo Minister of Economy announced that the government needed more information in order to be sure that constructing gas infrastructure was its best option, discontinuing its plans to move forward on some gas infrastructure in Kosovo, and potentially lessening the likelihood of gas being used in the country.[7]

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