Alborz Data Center

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The Alborz Data Center is a 40 MW Bitcoin mining facility located in Randall County, Texas, USA, at the Astra Wind Farm. It is owned by Cipher Mining Technologies, Inc and Wind HQ.

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The map below shows the location of the Alborz Data Center in Randall County, Texas, USA.

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Aerial view of the Alborz Data Center during construction in May 2022 in Randall County, Texas, located at the Astra Wind Farm. Credit


The project was financed by BlockFi Lending LLC through a $46.9 million loan.[1] It is a joint venture between Cipher and Wind HQ. It is located at a substation of the 163 MW Astra Wind Farm.

Project Details

  • Power usage (MW): 40
  • Owner: Cipher Mining Technologies/Wind HQ
  • Parent:
  • Location: Happy, Texas, USA
  • Coordinates: 34.7867144, -102.0738511

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