Ambarlı B power station

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Ambarlı B power station (İstanbul Doğal Gaz Kombine Çevrim Santralı (B), İstanbul Fuel Oil ve Doğal Gaz Kom. Çev. Sant. (B), also known as Istanbul Fuel Oil and Natural Gas Com. Trans. Sant. (B) and Istanbul B) is an 816-megawatt (MW) natural gas power station in Istanbul province, Turkey.


The map below shows the exact location of the power station in Yakuplu, Turkey.

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Project Details

  • Owner: Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. [100%][1][2]
  • Parent: Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. [100%][3]
  • Location: Yakuplu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Coordinates: 40.9793, 28.6994 (exact)[4]
  • Gross generating capacity (operating): 816 MW
    • Unit 1: Natural gas[5] combined cycle[5], 816 MW[5] (start-up in 2013)[5]

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