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Amberjack Oil Pipeline is an operating oil pipeline in the USA.[1]


The pipeline originates approximately 280 mi (450 km) south of New Orleans, Louisiana (under 7,000 feet of water) and terminates at the Green Canyon Block 19 offshore oil drilling platform in the USA Gulf of Mexico.[2][3][4]

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Project details

  • Operator: Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC[5]
  • Owner: Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC[5]
  • Parent company: Shell Midstream Partners LP[1], Chevron[6]
  • Capacity: 350,000 barrels per day
  • Length: 136 miles[6]
  • Diameter: 24 inches[6]
  • Status: Operating
  • Start year: 1999

Shell plc was initially a parent company of the project, but it offloaded its joint venture stake to Shell Midstream Partners LP in 2018.[7]


The Amberjack Oil Pipeline was built in 1999.[1]

In December 2010, Amberjack Pipeline Company, a joint venture between Chevron Pipeline Company and Shell Pipeline Company, announced plans to install a 136-mile, 24-inch pipeline from the Jack and Malo fields in the Gulf of Mexico to a Shell-owned and operated platform in Green Canyon Block 19. The purpose of the pipeline addition was to provide an oil export option for the Chevron-operated Jack/St. Malo hub production facility.[6]

In August 2022, a leak at the Fourchon booster station prompted a brief shutdown of the Amberjack pipeline, as well as other pipelines.[8]

Expansion projects

Debottleneck Project

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In November 2016, Amberjack Pipeline Company announced the completion of a de-bottlenecking project that installed a new 33-mile, 24-inch pipeline segment from Green Canyon Block 19 platform to the South Timbalier block 301 area, increasing the Green Canyon Block 19 off-take capacity by 60%.[9]

Amberjack de-bottlenecking project 2016
  • Operator: Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC[5]
  • Owner: Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC[5]
  • Parent company: Shell Midstream Partners LP[1], Chevron[6]
  • Capacity:
  • Length: 33 miles[9]
  • Diameter: 24 inches[9]
  • Status: Operating[9]
  • Start year: 2016[9]

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