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America's Power is the name of a website used by Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC), a U.S.-based front group promoting support for coal-based electricity. A domain name search on ABEC's initial web domain revealed that the website was registered to the coal industry trade organization Center for Energy and Economic Development. (ABEC originally used the domain but later switched to the "America's Power" domain ( which does is registered via a domain registration company and does not list its sponsor as a contact)[1] The new domain name was registered in October 2007.

NRDC parody of America's Power website

In 2008, the environmental group NRDC created a website, COAL POWER: Warming America, Warming the Planet, parodying the "America's Power" campaign sponsored by ABEC, the predecessor to ACCCE. The parody website (which is clearly labelled as a project of NRDC), mimics the America's Power website design. It is sponsored by an organization called "Americans for Burning Every Chunk of Coal" (ABECC). On the site are "facts," an "ask the experts" section, and "news."

Anti-Obama TV ad

Candidate Obama vs. President Obama on Clean Coal

In May 2012, the group launched a TV ad charging President Obama with publicly supporting clean coal while standing by as the EPA "waged a war on coal."

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